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About Us

We believe in the power of the little things. They can go a long way, in fact, they’re often the only things that can. 

On moving to New Zealand several years ago, we noticed something was missing. There was a complete gap in the market for year-long gift boxes! We couldn’t find them anywhere. What was absolutely successful in our home countries hadn’t even reached New Zealand. As of November 2015, we decided to change this. 

 We began ISTORIA (translates to “story” from Russian), a company determined to bring uniqueness to New Zealand businesses. Here in New Zealand, we are the only company to offer such exclusive flowers. And better yet, we’re experimenting with new designs everyday!

ISTORIA boxes are the gifts that keep on giving. Available for same-day service, they’re not just an easy, and convenient gift. They wow with great aesthetics and an even better taste!  

 We’ll be the basis for your Christmas function, your employee’s birthdays, exhibitions and formal events. We promise there is no better way to be unique and distinctive from others than creating your story with ISTORIA. 

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