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Wedding styles: how to create your dream wedding

Wedding is an exceptional event and every couple wants this day to be the most beautiful, bright and joyful. That is why the wedding organization is given such special attention. It is necessary to choose the theme of the wedding, to think through its style to the smallest details and to find the ideal place for the celebration.

Lets have look at most popular wedding styles:

Weddings in this style are always beautiful, touching, sentimental and romantic. This style, which came to us relatively recently, was created by the American designer Rachel Ashwell at the end of the last century. It is made up of vintage, aged things that carry a unique spirit of time. For you and your guests, the celebration, held in a slightly aged, but at the same time gentle, feminine, romantic and sincere atmosphere, will be an unforgettable experience.                                                                                                                              

Florists recommend the use of roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, tulips, gypsophila to compose flower compositions. In order to emphasise the style of the wedding, complement the bouquets with lace, velvet ribbons, smooth satin, vintage brooch of light shades.

Give preference to light, muffled, soft colours, tuning to a romantic mood. A soft, discreet background can be created with the help of white, soft pink, creamy, gray-blue, peach, mint colours.





Boho or bohemian chic has appeared in the last century, but it has gained special popularity recently. The main task of the style is to connect the images of different epochs and cultures, emphasise closeness to nature, ease, light negligence and give scope for bold experiments. Boho is a rather unusual style, which is simultaneously characterised by notes of vintage, folkloric elements, country-style features, and notes of the freedom-loving image of hippies.

    Use of natural natural colours
     A combination of bright, bold and calm tones and  shades.
    The widest use of accessories from different styles.   
Weddings in the rustic style, despite the simplicity of decoration, are unusual and stylish. In addition, the natural countryside surroundings make it possible to create a touching and romantic atmosphere.
The basic principles of a rustic wedding are naturalness, simplicity and comfort. Therefore, following items are "MUST BE" included in the rustic wedding:
Natural materials
(wood, field flowers, hay, burlap, flax, moss, "grandmother's inventory");
Natural tones
(green, cream, sand, brown, blue, white).

It is in the classical style that all royal weddings are held. and what girl does not want to feel like a queen?
Classics colours are, first of all, white, beige and pink. Basically the palette consists of pastel shades of different colors. Possible combinations with bright colours as additional, but not dominant. There could be small inclusions of gold and silver.
           Basic principles of the Classic style:
           Beauty and aesthetics
           Impeccable taste
           Refined luxury


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