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Venue Styling: what to do when you have small budget?

In order to understand what is “affordable price” for each customer - we always ask to announce the budget beforehand. Unfortunately, many couples come to us without the slightest idea of ​​how much they are willing to spend on venue styling. They say: "Give us a quote." This is not quite the right approach, since there are no borders at all, we can offer the project for any budget.  It is more correct to give guidance on how much you want to spend. Good venue stylists will not cheat prices just to match the budget. Knowing the budget, we make suggestions on how to use it optimally. Basically, we only need budget to plan what we are doing - if the budget allows, we decorate the ceiling, if not - then we come up with some other tricks to cover the whole space and make a beautiful picture overall. We want guests to enter venue with words: "Wow, how beautiful!" rather than have expensive small items all over the place that no one will notice.  

venue styling decorationsDo not save on the lighting- even if you spent a lot of money on decor and venue styling, but don’t highlight it correctly - you can assume that you do not have any decor as no one will see it. There are many errors that can be made such as wrong intensity or incorrectly placed light etc. It's better to make simpler decorations and have the right light than make beautiful massive decorations without correct lighting. Our venue stylist work closely with the lighting specialist discussing what, where and how to highlight. If you want a beautiful photo in the venue on your wedding day- the correct light is require.






So what to do when you have small budget?

·        Do not "waste" the budget on all areas.Try to make only 2 areas beautifully filled with decor and flowers. It is better to concentrate on the ceremony and reception rather than to distribute funds also to the photo zone, the sweet table or the bride's morning - neither you nor your guests will understand what has been done. Tip:  colored tablecloths - dusty-pink, mint, lavender, dusty-blue, peach, etc. - a beautiful solution. By using them you will create special atmosphere in the whole venue.

·        Do not save on professionals. Only a professional florist will tell you how you can save on flowers without losing the appearance of the arrangement. Unprofessional florist will simply offer you the cheapest flowers that will not look nice. Tip: Choose short arrangements over tall on the guest tables –let them be small but be more stylish and with beautiful flowers.

·        Make sure you trust your venue stylist. If, for example, you are promised to do the same thing but much cheaper, BE ALERT!  This means that you will have either less of everything (and you will find out about it on the day of the wedding), or it will be of a completely different quality. All of us, decorators and florists, work in more or less the same market, we use the same wholesalers for the purchase of flowers, hire props and furniture. Therefore, same venue styling cannot have huge price difference at different companies (unless they suddenly decided to do charity work at your wedding).

·        Think about the details. Often due to limited budget, you don’t have enough attention to the small details - the ring pillow, seating plan, guest cards, etc. But these things play huge role in creation of the ideal picture of your wedding.

Remember, almost every wedding style can have several solutions for different budgets. The main thing is to show flexibility and be able to give up what you cannot afford.






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